Cosmetic Dentistry: Subtle Changes for Big DifferencesCosmetic Dentistry: Subtle Changes for Big Differences

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Subtle Changes for Big Differences

Cosmetic dentistry involves large scale procedures such as braces for adults, but this field also offers simple procedures that can make a huge difference to your smile. Hi! My name is Corky, and I have been committed to having the best smile possible for years. However, like many people, I also have to live within a budget. Because of that, I have found the best ways to make my smile look amazing without spending a lot of time or money at the dentists. If you are looking for a place to learn about the procedures that give you the best value for your money, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to discuss procedures ranging from teeth whitening to veneers, and I am going to tell you how to make your smile beautiful!

What Are the Causes of Toothache?

Toothache can feel very different depending on which part of your mouth is suffering the problem. Although tooth erosion, which means that the nerves of the teeth can become exposed, is a common cause of toothache in Australia, it is by no means the only reason you might suffer from it. In order to establish the underlying cause of toothache, it is important to have a professional inspection of your mouth, otherwise, you might start the wrong course of action to treat it. An emergency dentist from a place like Melrose Dental may be the best person to see to get the correct diagnosis if you're in a lot of pain. What might he or she tell you?

Oral Infection

Where you have a build up of bacteria in your mouth, the gum and teeth can feel sore. Often, all you need to do is to improve your oral hygiene to overcome the pain you feel from such toothache. In other words, if you deal with the infection, you deal with the pain. Brushing your teeth thoroughly is a good way of overcoming this sort of toothache as well as using an anti-bacterial mouthwash.


Grinding your teeth into one another is a common activity you might do without realising it. Dentists call this bad habit bruxism which can wear down teeth leading to an aching feeling. Sleeping with a gum shield in your mouth at night is a good way of preventing such grinding and the resulting pain.

Tooth Trauma

One of the reasons you might get a toothache is that the tooth in question has suffered some form of trauma. A punch to the jaw or a knock to your face can make you tooth wobble in its gum position leading to an ache. Taking the swelling down with an anti-inflammatory or applying an ice pack are both methods often recommended by dental nurses. If the tooth has been chipped, then you may need a filling or a dental cap to resolve the issue.

Ear Infections

Some ear infections which work their way into your sinuses may lead to what you perceive to be a toothache. In such cases, it is important to identify the true reason for a tooth – which may be entirely healthy – to be causing pain. If you have a headache as well as a dull pain in your tooth, then it may be that you have an inner ear or sinus problem. An over-the-counter pain relief remedy is usually the best course of action to take before seeking medical assistance.