Cosmetic Dentistry: Subtle Changes for Big DifferencesCosmetic Dentistry: Subtle Changes for Big Differences

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Subtle Changes for Big Differences

Cosmetic dentistry involves large scale procedures such as braces for adults, but this field also offers simple procedures that can make a huge difference to your smile. Hi! My name is Corky, and I have been committed to having the best smile possible for years. However, like many people, I also have to live within a budget. Because of that, I have found the best ways to make my smile look amazing without spending a lot of time or money at the dentists. If you are looking for a place to learn about the procedures that give you the best value for your money, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to discuss procedures ranging from teeth whitening to veneers, and I am going to tell you how to make your smile beautiful!

When Your Aligner Goes AWOL: What to Do if You Lose Your Invisalign Aligner

During your Invisalign treatment, you can often become so accustomed to wearing your aligners that you literally forget they are even there. Whilst they are in your mouth, this isn't a problem. However, there will be times when you must remove your aligners for a while, such as during meals, while drinking hot drinks, brushing your teeth or doing a presentation. It is in these moments that you may misplace or lose your aligner.

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Aligner Safe

For the first few weeks, as you progress through your Invisalign treatment, you will need to be extra vigilant. Once you develop a system, and know exactly when and why you need to remove your aligners, the risk of losing them will be minimal.

To ensure you don't lose your aligners:

  • Treat them like your mobile phone. Each time you prepare to leave a place, check that your aligner is with you, even if it's just a toilet trip.
  • Keep them in a vessel, in your pocket, any time you need to take them out.
  • Make it a rule to never leave them just sitting somewhere.
  • Get used to performing a tongue check to make sure you are wearing them.

If, despite your best efforts, you lose your aligner don't panic, do the following.

Get in Touch with Your Dentist or Orthodontist First

Notify your orthodontist first and foremost so they can order a new set if you lost your aligner early in your treatment. Furthermore, they can offer you their expert advice, which should go something like the following.

Use Your Last Aligner Until a Replacement Arrives

Always keep your latest aligner. This way, you can wear them while you wait for a replacement to arrive. Of course, this will slow your treatment down but only by a couple of weeks or so.

If you are out of town, for example, and have neither you current or latest aligner, then you should try to arrange for someone to send your last aligner to you via express delivery. At least then, you can ensure that your teeth are kept in their former position while you wait for a replacement.

If You are Two or Three Days Away from Your Next Aligner, Don't Fret

Losing your aligner when you are only a meagre two or three days away from moving to the next set is probably the best case scenario. In this case, you can simply wait for the next set. Any setback you might have in the meantime should be very minimal and nothing to worry about.

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