Cosmetic Dentistry: Subtle Changes for Big Differences

The Art of Biting Off Exactly What You Can Chew: A Diet Plan for TMJ Sufferers

18 May

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder (TMJ) affects the muscles in your jaw associated with chewing and the joints connecting your lower jaw to your skull. As a result, eating tougher, harder foods can cause irritation, leading you to limit your options at meal times. The fact is, however, your TMJ symptoms needn’t dictate your usual […]

Why You Need To Consider Overdentures

13 April

Losing a tooth can happen to anyone and may be caused by things such as accidents or sport activities. After losing a tooth, the next challenging phase would be finding the best option for replacement. There are several tooth replacement options and therefore, finding the perfect one can be a very difficult task. Each of […]

Signs That You Urgently Need a Mouth Guard

13 April

If you grind your teeth every night while asleep, you may be suffering from a medical condition referred to as bruxism. Tooth grinding may not be harmful at the start, but with time, it may become destructive and in the worst cases, you are likely to loosen your teeth and make them fall out. Fortunately, […]

4 Important Things That Your Toothbrush Wants to Tell You

28 March

Ever feel like your toothbrush is trying to tell you something? There are actually plenty of signs that you can pick up on if you know what to look for, and knowing could help improve your oral health. Here are some of the top things that toothbrushes all over the world are just dying to […]

Dental Practice | 3 Tactics To Ensure Long-Term Root Canal Success

18 February

While a root canal procedure at the dental practice is made as painless as possible, there’s always a chance that you will feel some pain during the recovery process. You will also need to take care of your teeth to ensure that the root canal has its desired effect. This guide is designed to equip […]

Teeth Whitening | 3 Tips To Prevent Premature Discolouration After Teeth Whitening

18 February

Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry today because it helps to lighten teeth and remove stains to vastly improve your appearance. Teeth stains and discolouration occur because of poor eating, drinking and oral hygiene habits. Once you’ve completed treatment for teeth whitening, you should ideally follow these tips to […]

4 Ways to Speed Up Recovery Time After Dental Implants

28 January

Tooth loss is something that is common and sometimes unavoidable. The cause of tooth loss can range from tooth decay to impact that results in tooth loss. Those people that are missing teeth for whatever reason do have the option of dental implants. Dental implants are essentially replacement tooth roots that are designed to look […]

Dental services for children with autism

15 January

 Everyone needs to take good care of their teeth whenever they can. If you are a parent with a child who has autism, understanding the particular needs of the child is key because such children often require special services or facilities for their teeth. In brief, children with autism develop the condition from their early […]

Sinus Lifts for Dental Implants: When, Why and How to Receive One

21 December

The prospect of having an artificial tooth surgically implanted into your head can be a daunting one to say the least, but in some cases you may require more treatment then a simple implantation procedure. If you are receiving a dental implant to replace a tooth missing from your top row of teeth, the bone […]

How Gum Treatment Can Be Improved with Laser Surgery

04 December

There are ties between oral health and overall body health. A toothache could be such a nuisance at times and it is mostly caused by over exhaustion of the enamel or gum infections. Thanks to improved technology, traditional dental surgery methods have been upgraded to laser treatment. If you are experiencing a toothache and are […]